Performance Strategies and Mindsets of Basketball's 1%
Inside You'll Discover
  • The mindsets of basketball's elite coaches and players
  • Growing your influence with those you lead and love
  • Unlocking the greatness within you
  • Tapping into the zone
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"Mindfulness builds a foundation to unlock the emotional intelligence needed to lead and perform in a demanding, rapidly changing and uncertain world." — Mike Lee
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Why I Wrote This Book...
After beating the heroin-like withdrawal symptoms of an anti-depressant medication with a mindfulness practice, I soon realized that skills I had used to coach players and build organizations were amplified.  So many skills from focus to self-awareness to communication were taken to another level.

I knew there was more for me to do than just basketball.

I've bridged my background in basketball coaching, leadership and performance — working with some of basketball's 1% — with meditation, mindfulness and emotional intelligence to help high-performing leaders master the psychology needed in a 2020 world. 
*iBooks and Kindle Versions Available Immediately After Submitting Order
"The thing that separates UN/TRAIN from other books like it is that Mike takes real life experiences and explains how you have to have the right mindset to respond."
Paul Jesperson, Assistant Coach, Atlanta Hawks
Mikes book, UN/TRAIN, is so good I stopped reading Daring Greatly by Brene Brown because I couldn't put his down.
— Jon Paul Crimi, Celebrity Sobriety Coach
Mike is a master at bridging the ancient science of meditation with our modern day minds.  
— Shayna Hiller, Yoga Instructor, Los Angeles
Un/Train is the mental, spiritual and emotional fuel that is needed! Hats off the Mike Lee for going outside the box to rev up our coaching engines.
— Dennis Alexander, Atlanta
Who's Using Mindfulness To Elevate Their Craft?
*iBooks and Kindle Versions Available Immediately After Submitting Order
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