Optimize Your Mind For Peak Performance Through Mindfulness
Discover Why Mindfulness is THE Key to:
  • Realizing you’re NOT actually chasing success
  • Uncovering your truest, most authentic self
  • Truly understanding your “Why”
  • Growing your influence with those you lead and love
  • Unlocking the greatness within you
  • Tapping into the zone
  • And, much, MUCH more!
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"I truly believe that everyone has a unique gift. And that gift is your truest, most authentic self. When we discover this within ourselves we can give it away. And that, I think, is the point of life." — Mike Lee
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Why I Wrote This Book...
I’ve been battling depression, negative thinking patterns and anxiety for close to 20 years. And, when I got to the point where I literally felt like I was dying inside (what I told a therapist) I discovered yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

You might not feel like you're dying, but if you’re like most people you’re trying to lead a life of significance —whether that’s through your career, coaching or family. And you’re constantly bombarded my media messages implying that what you’re doing isn’t enough.

This comparison is the thief of joy. I hope by sharing this journey, and the tools I’ve discovered, you’ll be inspired to dream a little bigger, feel more at peace and trust that on the other side of your challenges is greatness. Your definition, on your terms, that fits your life.
*iBooks and Kindle Versions Available Immediately After Submitting Order
"UN/TRAIN was unbelievably relatable to the athlete, coach, or business leader. Regardless of your profession, from the court to the cubicle, UN/TRAIN will inspire you to become more mindful of how you can maximize your passions and use them in a way that will serve others just by being your truest self. "
Charlsea Clark, Clark Basketball Academy, Jacksonville, FL
Who Is This Book For?
This book is for the dreamers. Those looking for a new way of happiness, inner peace and calm in this world of money, winning and scholarships. For those looking to redefine success, on their terms, and create new meaning for their life and the people they lead and love. Because when you really dig deep you don’t want success. You want the feeling that you think success is going to give you. Which, you’ll learn you can actually tap into right now. By falling in love with process — and ultimately finding inner peace knowing that you did the best you could, with what you had to the best of our ability — you’ll discover success.
It’s for the coach who doesn't want to settle for back to back championships or the coach looking to win his first one. And, why transforming your players minds and hearts is the way to get there.
The entrepreneur, executive or leader who wants to take their organization to the next level. By taking the success principles — like persistence, vision, and communication — and amplifying them through a higher level of awareness.
The parent who truly wants the best for their kids and doesn’t want to let society define what success means for them.  
The athlete (no matter your sport) who works harder, watches more film and spends more time in the weight room than anyone else. But, is still looking for an edge. 
*iBooks and Kindle Versions Available Immediately After Submitting Order
Mikes book, UN/TRAIN, is so good I stopped reading Daring Greatly by Brene Brown because I couldn't put his down.
— Jon Paul Crimi, Celebrity Sobriety Coach
Mike is a master at bridging the ancient science of meditation with our modern day minds.  
— Shayna Hiller, Yoga Instructor, Los Angeles
Un/Train is the mental, spiritual and emotional fuel that is needed! Hats off the Mike Lee for going outside the box to rev up our coaching engines.
— Dennis Alexander, Atlanta
I can only imagine where I would be today if I had access to UN/TRAIN in high school, as opposed to my senior year in college.
— JJ Panoske, former Wisconsin-Milwaukee standout
The thing that separates UN/TRAIN from other books like it is that Mike takes real life experiences and explains how you have to have the right mindset to respond.
— Paul Jesperson, University of Northern Iowa/Overseas Pro
Who's Using Mindfulness To Elevate Their Craft?
*iBooks and Kindle Versions Available Immediately After Submitting Order